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Interior Architecture

Technical touches for interior spaces

Alongside our award-winning designs, Toni Bond Interiors offers a full interior architecture service, which takes a more technical approach to the construction and arrangement of internal spaces. 

We work with either new or existing structures and make changes through considered design alterations. These can be anything from minor updates – such as the repositioning of doors or walls – to gutting the interior and creating a blank canvas on which to realise your dream space.

We will also consider specific acoustic, mechanical or architectural requirements where necessary. 

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Interior Architecture
Interior Architecture

Managing the process

Part of the interior architecture brief is an expectation that we understand a building's structure and associated regulations, including the addition of electrical and lighting systems. We also understand the construction process and will highlight any opportunities or limitations that may arise once the works begin.

When working on a new build, we will take the architects’ plans and fully revise the space based on a detailed brief from the client. The interior needs to work and function with respect to your lifestyle, and our interior architects will shape it to that effect before any furniture or accessories are added.

Addressing the finer details

We utilise the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools and architecture programs, as well as 3D modelling software, to help us create internal spaces that are both aesthetically stunning and technically sound.

Once layouts have been agreed and confirmed, and a functional living space has been created, we then add subsequent layers of detail. This may include cabinetry, wall details, windows, custom kitchens and bathrooms, flooring, decoration, etc. We can oversee the design, procurement, delivery, and installation of all the above items on your behalf. 

Interior Architecture
Interior Architecture