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Thu, April 06, 2023

Leading Luxury Interior Design Studio Elle Designs is now Toni Bond Interiors

Leading Luxury Interior Design Studio Elle Designs is now Toni Bond Interiors

Following a successful year of growth in 2022, Toni Bond - UK based interior designer and founder of Elle Designs - and her team are announcing the next chapter in their studio's journey, and it all starts with a name.

Toni Bond Interiors is the new name for the leading Cheshire and Surrey based studio which has built an unrivalled reputation in the world of interior design through more than 30 years of working on some of the country’s most prestigious properties for high-profile clients.  While the new title brings with it significant ambitions for future growth, the team are committed to continuing their work in designing luxury properties in the UK, Europe and across the globe.

Founder and creative director Toni Bond said: “We’ve been working towards this moment as a studio for a long time and are thrilled to finally be at this point. While it’s all business as usual - we’re still the same team doing the same work we love - this transition allows our brand to better represent and elevate the studio and the team."

“There’s an overwhelming feeling among the team that the last few years have been some of our best; we’ve worked on some incredible projects to create new ways of living and cater to the unique lifestyles of our clients. We’re looking forward to continuing to do what we do best: timeless, luxury contemporary design, all while growing a brand that aligns with us as a team and where we’ve come from."

“This name reflects who we are and always have been - a vision led interior design studio with an ongoing pursuit of timeless luxury.”  The change comes after many years of continuous growth for the studio, which has seen the team designing interiors for high-profile ‘super-prime’ luxury properties in London, Cheshire and on the Spanish Costas. Toni Bond Interiors expects this trend to continue, and the studio is looking forward to a bright future delivering their fully integrated interior design services under their new name.

Director Paul McKay said in a recent statement: “The Toni Bond Interiors name is the beginning of a new chapter in our company. 2022 was a record year for us, and to support our continued growth in the super prime market, we worked with a leading Strategic Branding Agency ( to ensure the correct positioning of our brand within the top tier of the interior design market. We quickly identified that changing the brand name to Toni Bond Interiors would help us establish more salience within our sector and a deeper understanding of the brand."

“Nothing’s changing for our customers, projects or suppliers. We’re still the same passionate team of interior designers with the same penchant for bespoke luxury designs and an enhanced way of living. It’s our incredible team and service that sets us apart from our competitors. This is all about delivering a renewed vision for our brand that unifies who we are with what we do. Our Founder and Creative Director Toni is the driving force behind all that we are, and we’re proud for our studio to wear her name.”

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